Want to Become a Great Leader in 2019?

Joe’s Take on John Eades’ 7 Signs of a Great Leader in 2019

In John Eades’ “7 Signs You Are on Your Way to Becoming a Great Leader in 2019” article, he addresses 7 signs to look for in a great leader. In this particular post, Eades takes on the 7 things to try and improve your leadership skills. You can read the full article HERE.

Joe’s Take

“I agree with all of his steps but would suggest that two of them (although true in their titles) have changed in how receptive your team may be to that message and how you do it has changed.”

More often than not, we like the sound of our own voice (myself included) and our words of wisdom touch the souls of our readers. One of the reasons we truly express our professional opinions on subjects is so that people can learn from our experiences and knowledge. It is our responsibility to share our knowledge in a way that it can be digested and leave readers with something substantial to apply to their lives.

I like that John expresses his ideas in 7 steps. I agree with all of his steps but would suggest that two of them (although true in their titles) have changed in how receptive your team may be to that message and how you do it has changed. As I’ve said before, companies are using the same thinking they used five, ten and even 20 years ago. The basis of the ideas stand, but the how has changed.

Leadership Trait Number 2: You are proactive in shaping your team’s culture.
Although true in being a successful leader I believe the mistake most companies are making today is how the “shared values and beliefs” idea is being communicated. Too many times the enterprise blurs the lines of their diversity HR message to the “common” values of its team for a rallying point on the objectives of the enterprise.

It’s not about “shared values” as human beings, it’s about empathy toward the person or people you need to accomplish a goal with. Understand the what, how and why your team member has the position they do on any particular subject. What from their unique experience and “values” can they bring to solve an issue you and your team may have been completely blind to see?

Part of having VISION is understanding the problem from as many perspectives as possible.

The failure comes all too often from the phrase “didn’t see that coming.” Companies should set the standards and values of the enterprise clearly. Your employees in most cases will decide they agree with those values by wanting to join your team. They’ll celebrate the diversity of your team and the positive values they so uniquely bring to the table.

Leadership Trait Number 4: You no longer have favorites.
I agree with this but it is hard to implement no matter what “policy” may be in place.
People see people through their experience, period! Doesn’t mean it can’t be changed, doesn’t mean it is bad. Sometimes it’s why we get in trouble because we either had a great experience one time or none at all and get “taken by surprise”. We’re human, it’s how our brain works.

Two things I think have to be in place to help you be successful in this practice:

1. Whenever possible, put in place blind barriers on any decision you have to make and try to stop any unconscious biases you may have. An example of this is in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink. Orchestra’s started doing blind auditions, great book if you have not read yet please do.

2. The practice application of this is in our VISION. You must define your standards clearly and then own them. After that if you have done your homework and know your people you’ll craft the message so they clearly see the vision. Understand their role, better yet their necessity in accomplishing it. Then involve them in the plan on how you’re going to accomplish that goal so they too can then own it.

Finally hold yourself and your team accountable to that vision and plan, based on the standards they have set forth. Do not waiver on your values in accomplishing that goal and you will in most cases then not, be effective.

In the end, that’s what defines a leader!


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