New Normal?

New Noraml

Over 20 million people out of work, stock market looses value in a week that in the past took weeks, months to occur and my town, a city that never had “closed” for an hour will be SHUT DOWN for over 30 days! People in my profession, the live production industry, where even the people who supported us thought we were crazy or would “never make it” have seen our lively hoods shut down world wide within days; and we are supposed to believe and wait to get back to a “new normal”?


Having a Vision is not always about being right or being the one to Lead; it’s about being in the moment to take the education, whether formal or trained, with what you have learned through your experiences in life. You then try to communicate a Vision from a place of empathy and a path for success through wisdom.


The anxiety most people feel right now I do not believe is because of the immediate concerns or issues in front of them. I do not mean to minimize anyone’s challenge right now but what I mean by that and what I believe we are feeling is leadership at most levels in our institutions keep telling us to be patient and wait to be prepared for the “new normal”.


Let me be clear, I have all the confidence in the world we have the tools to conquer and thrive just as we always have. But leadership is about having a clear vision and that means even when you do not know the answers to admit it and state why! If the bus driver tells you she can’t go any further because the fog is too thick and she can’t see, you have to sit there patiently waiting for the fog to clear. But if she says “the bus is broke we’ll fix it shortly”; and three hours later you have not seen anything happen or change but you’re told to “sit down and be quiet and wait; we are working on it.” How are you feeling about the vision?


As I have stated before, there are many things that make this challenge in our lives very unique but the one major difference is the impact it is having on the individuals in our communities and families can be mitigated and in many cases solved and supported locally! Yes there are major challenges, yes the way we used to do things has been up ended. Now is the time to not look anywhere else but where the answers and Heroes have always been.


There is no NEW normal, it is and has always been, just LIFE. What is normal is what we make it to be.


We did not win the tyranny of WWII because FDR said “we  having nothing to fear, but fear itself”; it’s because WE didn’t fear and we conquered!

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