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“Joe Leone is a globally-recognized leader in entertainment production that has helped shape world renown brands while effectively navigating through the ever changing cultural challenges of the modern workplace over the last 30 years.”

As an innovative entertainment production expert, keynote speaker, business consultant, and conversation starter, Joe takes on the topic of leadership and success in today’s work environment from the seasoned perspective of someone who has overseen billions of dollars in design and install and helped develop a world renown brand in hospitality and entertainment.

Joe started his career in entertainment at the age of 8 when his 3rd grade teacher suggested he should try out for the Phoenix Boy Choir. As he grew older, he endured the ups and downs of the entertainment world and was even forced to live out of his car. Never one to quit and guided by his voracious appetite to succeed, he ascended to music management where he had the privilege of working with Studio One and Sugar Minot, ultimately becoming an executive producer.

When he made his move to Las Vegas in 1993 with his family, Joe started started over again from the bottom. He worked as a part time stage hand at the famous Golden Nugget and diligently worked his way up to Stage Manager, Director, and ultimately Vice President of Entertainment. After the sale of the Golden Nugget, Joe joined Wynn Las Vegas and quickly went from Executive Director of Entertainment Production Services to Vice-President to Senior Vice-President of Entertainment, and eventually made his way to corporate as the Senior Vice-President of Entertainment Development for Wynn Resorts.

Joe has experienced incredible success leading and retaining diverse talent and is an expert in creating an environment of excellence, employee happiness, and high level customer experience. Unlike many of today’s top corporate consultants and speakers, Joe shares his vision, specialized expertise, and exceptional facilitating skills from walking the walk in all facets of entertainment and corporate leadership. His physical presence combined with his bold desire to drive meaningful conversations on even the most difficult workplace topics separate him as a true visionary.

Described as creative, focused, and deadline driven, Joe has honed his skills over three decades of live production experience. The opportunity to be part of a creative team that nurtures a client's vision into reality has fueled his passion for execution and creating a memorable moment for audiences. It’s what makes Joe one of the most unique, sought after entertainment producers and corporate consultants and speakers in the world.

To learn more about how Joe can serve you, call him today for a free consultation.

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