This was actually a working title on something I had started back in October after reading an article from Reuters/Gary Cameron “Capitalism is Not Working.” I had picked it up in the beginning of the year again after reading an excerpt on Mr. Stain’s essay at the American Enterprise Institute from his book “The American Dream Is Not Dead (But Populism could Kill It). In this interesting essay he shows how President Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders both are arguing the same thing just different ways to supposedly solve the “issue”.

My reasoning for writing now has shifted because of the current environment. We keep hearing about Leadership failures in “systems”, “parties”, etc. but can someone please explain this to me. How can an inanimate object have enough CONTROL to be the sour of the failure?

First, FAILURE IS AN EVENT, NEVER A PERSON. Second, we as individuals actually have the power to minimize the pain and suffering of each other. There is very little any of us can do to solve issues such as Middle East Peace or the many other conflicts around the world, but the challenge before us; in our neighborhoods, cities and towns can be the beginning to implementing a solution to minimize pain and suffering. 

I do not promote defying local authorities in the directives of your area, but I do agree with them when I hear our “leaders” say WE can and WE will get through this. I believe in the healthy young person that has little to no contact with the high risk, but still take care of yourself and more importantly, others. Over anything else, IF YOU NEED HELP, ASK. 

We will look back on this moment in time and say this is what we learned and how we can do even better as a society, company, government, entity – you name it. Let’s also take this time as an opportunity to look back and be proud of not what we are but WHO we are. #Vision

Take care, God Bless, until next time.



In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.

Shunryu Suzuki


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