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Joe’s Take on “Why Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values Really Do Matter”

Chris Grffiths’ Guest Post – Dan McCarthy’s Great Leadership 06/11/19

In Dan McCarthy’s Great Leadership Blog, he addresses a number of wide ranging topics on modern leadership.  In this particular post, guest blogger Chris Griffiths takes on “Why Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values Really Do Matter.” You can read the full article HERE.

Joe’s Take

“I think all four are critical to success in business leadership and part of the foundation in a V.I.S.I.O.N. for the Modern Workplace. My take is less clinical and more philosophical.”

In regards to PURPOSE, it is not only important for the enterprise to have purpose, but for the team and its individual members to understand THEIR purpose in achieving that goal or solving the issue.

One of the reasons start-ups fail is that the “purpose” many times gets lost once the founders’ original intent gets lost in the growth of the company or the corporatization of the venture. If the enterprise has been completely cut off from the founder’s original purpose, the focus inevitably turns to the financial gain — not the prolonged answer to a need or a MISSION.

In my work, I’ve found that MISSION is often mistaken for the priority in the equation when in actuality it is the blueprint for how to accomplish the VALUES of the enterprise. Establish the purpose of your enterprise and the values that will guidei it. If you do that, you will lay out your “mission” on how to accomplish it.

As long as you stay true to your values, regardless of changes made in the mission based on current or changing conditions, you will have a better chance of achieving that mission.

To put this into practice it must begin with your VISION, your ability to communicate it, and even more importantly how your team can “see” themselves in that vision.

At the end of his paragraph on vision he says, “An important point to remember is not to define a statement purely for the sake of it. Define your vision in order to live it.” This is what we discuss in our “VISION” work as OWNERSHIP. The team’s actions and direction should at all times be willing to look in the mirror and ask itself: Are we achieving our PURPOSE? Are we being true to our VALUES in executing the MISSION?

If you do that and are honest with that assessment, success is more likely than not! Because in the end, the true mark of a successful leader is being effective. Don’t make a difference, be the difference.

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