Are You Living Your Life as a Journey or a Book?

Looking back at my writings and thoughts from this past holiday season, I noticed something that peaked my interest. So, I looked a little deeper into pieces I had read from others during the same time period on similar topics.

Most of the stories I came across were reflective or forward thinking because of the holidays. I noticed a similar pattern to the stories many use to describe their lives with cliches like “turn the page” or “another chapter” or “next phase of the journey.”

This realization prompted this powerful question: Are you living a Book or a Journey?

I do not believe there is a right or wrong way. In fact I can make the argument that it depends on where you are in your life as to which pair of “eyes” to look through, the book or journey.

A journey to me implies a continual path with no end. There may be times of dormancy, speed, ups, downs etc. but a journey is always moving. Hopefully the movement is forward but even the shortest ride to the convenience store sometimes needs a U-Turn. For most of us, this is how we feel most of the time, especially in these fast-paced times. Look away for a minute and you just might miss the “next big thing.” It’s also probably better for survival in the world if you continually dwell on the past, what you did wrong, or what could go wrong. You can suffer from “paralysis by analysis” and not really be moving but just on a treadmill. Sometimes you just need to make the leap or move on and let it go.

However, this is where changing the outlook on your life may be better as a book. There are times to look back, understand the how, and why you got somewhere to better understand how to do it again better, or not at all. And there are times in life the healthiest thing you can do is close a chapter and start anew.

The important thing is to recognize which you would prefer to live by. As with all our philosophies in our teachings and conversations on exercising VISION, continually look in the mirror to make sure first you are true to yourself, doing what you want and is needed, and adjust accordingly.

If we do not truly recognize how we see ourselves and others — and how the things we do and say define who we are — how are we supposed to communicate our vision to others? JL

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